triangle  music  school

Performance Classes $32.50 each, typically 45 minutes to one hour

Supplement your summer with performance classes, from our traditional group classes to fun options listed below. Indicate your interest and we will schedule options based on registrations.

[    ] Performance class! Students perform a solo piece for other students and receive positive feedback, play educational music theory games, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow student-musicians. Instructor: varies.

[    ] Duets! Bring a partner or find one in the Class! An opportunity to bring an established partner, whether it’s another pianist, or a vocalist or instrumentalist, and get some coaching from a coach that works at UNC! Register in advance for pairing. Early Intermediate-Advanced players. Indicate your interest here and we will work on scheduling the experience. Instructor: James Rice.

[    ] Emergency skills: What do you do when you have a memory slip in performance? How do you turn pages for yourself if you don’t have something memorized? How do you not show you just made a blunder and find a way to keep going? A class designed to give you plenty of opportunities to perfect the art of hidden mistakes! Instructor: James Rice.

[    ] Sound Workshop: How do you get a unique piano sounds? How do you make sense out of a jumble of notes and make it sound musical? Bring your must jumbled music, and let’s explore the sounds we can get out of the piano. Late intermediate-advanced. Instructor: James Rice.